Becky Dunkel – Personal Companion Junior

23 May

There are some experiences in life that are so profound that one can neither articulate nor quantify the precise impact it had on oneself, and Camp Sababa was one of those experiences for me. Over the course of a mere few days I was privileged enough to be exposed to an entirely new realm of thought and behaviour, as, charged with the care of both my own camper and the other campers, I was forced to step into a role of complete selflessness, placing the needs of someone else above my own 24 hours a day. Whilst, needless to say this constant and vigilant care was both tiring and at times frustrating, coming from Year 12, a year where everything revolves around you and your needs, the opportunity that Camp provides to step out of that mindset of taking and into one of giving, is something not too short of extraordinary. If you ask anyone of the buddies at the end of camp to sum up their experience, they’d say it was “eye-opening” and as cliche as this sounds, it’s completely true. Camp was not only immensely fun, but for me, it allowed me to acknowledge my own naivety – that I, in fact, did not know, nor understand the complexity, depth and variety of children with disabilities.

Becky Dunkel - Personal Companion Junior2017