Asher Klein – Personal Companion Senior

23 May

Studying: High School Education

Camp Sababa has consistently been a highlight of my year. Often for volunteering jobs people will describe it as “fulfilling”. Oftentimes they’ll say this because the experience was hard or unpleasant but, in retrospect, is something they are glad to have done; kind of like a workout. Camp Sababa is not only fulfilling but it is also a genuinely enjoyable and joyful experience throughout. This is not a gruelling workout which leaves you out of breath and only “happy” at the burnt calories. This is like a game of sports in which you have fun the entire time AND feel glad and healthy afterwards. Camp Sababa has completely changed my perspective and enlightened me to the special needs community and has given me a chance to make many friends and to connect to the wider community.  The organisation is impeccable, the people are wonderful and the campers are always a blast. Camp Sababa is a place that brings all people together and I’ll be coming back every year until it literally becomes impossible.

Asher Klein - Personal Companion Senior2020