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Companions are responsible for caring for campers while on Camp Sababa. To be eligible for the role of Companion, the applicant must be a 2015 graduate of Masada College, Moriah College or Emanuel School.

Companions will be allocated to one or more campers, sometimes with a second or third companion for assistance, and are responsible for their camper’s well-being for the entire duration of the camp.

No previous experience in disability care is required. However, Companions will be required to undertake a compulsory training program prior to camp. The assignment of Companions to Campers will be based on a suitable match between the applicants and the campers, with specific regard to the campers’ age, gender, and needs.

If your application is successful, an interview will be held with you. If your application is not successful for one of the aforementioned reasons, we strongly encourage you to sign up for one of our many important additional voluntary roles.

For more information about the role of Companions, email

There are many additional voluntary roles while at camp, ranging from general house keeping duties, to nursing and other medical care, to past companions returning as overnight volunteers. Click here for more information.