Additional Voluntary Roles

Without the help of our volunteers, camp would not be successful.  Our volunteers help in many ways including:

  • Helping set up activities
  • Keeping the campsite clean
  • Helping the caterer prepare meals and set up and clean up the dining area
  • Helping settle the campers at night while the companions and buddies are being debriefed

To volunteer in housekeeping this year, click below.

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Medical Staff
Medical staff are essential members of our camp staff and ensure the health and safety of our campers. There are multiple shifts over the week of camp and we appreciate all the help we receive from both nurses and doctors. Camp days are divided between three shits:

  • Morning (six hours)
  • Afternoon (six hours)
  • Night (12 hours)

Nurses: We are looking for Assistants in Nursing (AiN), Enrolled Nurses (EN) and Registered Nurses (RN) who are willing to come to camp and volunteer. Nurses will assist the Personal Companions and Buddies with personal care, nutrition and hydration of their campers. They are responsible for first aid and giving of medications. Many of the children have complicated medical conditions and require vigilant care. The camp has indemnity insurance for its nursing staff and we have medical cover 24/7. We are looking for nurses to cover all shifts throughout camp. This is a very rewarding experience for those involved. Nurses should have an interest in children with special needs.Doctors: We are looking for doctors to be on call during the three shifts. Being on call involves being available by telephone throughout the allocated shift and being able to visit the camp if required during this time. Doctors should have an interest and experience in paediatrics.

Overnight Volunteers
We are always looking for volunteers with previous experience as Personal Companions or as Buddies to assist the overnight nursing staff. Their role is to supervise campers during the night and to keep a safe environment for all camp participants on the campsite while they sleep.To volunteer as an Overnight Volunteer this year, click below.To express interest in one of our additional voluntary roles, click a button below.

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