Camp Sababa SIBS

Following more than ten years of the success of Camp Sababa and Camp Sababa Senior, we introduce Camp Sababa SIBS.

Sababa SIBS is an overnight camp for the young siblings of the Camp Sababa campers. Aimed at ages 7-15 years, the annual getaway provides an exciting opportunity to connect and build relationships with peers and mentors in similar circumstances. This age cohort is an essential period of growth and development when new attitudes, feelings and emotions are formed, and often support beyond immediate family is essential and highly influential. SIBS aims to facilitate a strong community, encouraging support and ruach through exciting activities, filled with positive energy.

Intending to seal a gap within the community’s support for disability, SIBS focuses on those whose commitment and dedication to disability is often unrecognised. SIBS emphasises Camp Sababa’s mission to support families with special needs as it allows for the siblings of Camp Sababa participants to have a positive experience, a break from their daily routine, in a supportive and inclusive environment.