Camp Sababa Junior

What is Camp Sababa Junior?

Camp Sababa Junior is a 4-day overnight camp for children living with special needs and/or disabilities held every year in early December and attended by campers and companions. Campers are children, aged 7-14 years old, living with special needs and disability and companions are volunteers composed of Year 12 Jewish graduates. Each camper is paired with companions who they can count on for support and friendship. The four days are jam-packed with a range of fun outdoor recreational, craft, music, sport and social activities catered to the needs of all our campers and companions.

History of Camp Sababa Junior

Camp Sababa Junior (previously known as Camp Sababa) was founded in 2007 by a Nicky Franks and Rick Karpin, a Moriah College parent of children with disabilities. Recognising a need for our community to cater for the needs of children with special needs and disabilities, Moriah College, Masada College and Emanuel School joined forces to create Camp Sababa as a response to this growing need. Today, Camp Sababa Junior is run in partnership with the Sony Foundation, Jewish Care and the schools above to provide an enriching inclusive experience for our campers and volunteers.